Dublin pop band 'Raw' get a 'Head to Toe' make-over.

How has fashion in the world of pop music changed since 1990?

'Head to Toe' takes a look at the time, energy and thought that goes into styling a pop band.

Andy Jack and Mark Dean, from Dublin band 'Raw', discuss styling options with stylist Susan Howick at a recording studio in Temple Bar, Dublin.

Susan decides on a new look for the band that includes no socks, big heavy boots, baggy black trousers, black shirts, shaved heads, tattooed ears and rings. Susan goes shopping for clothes in the Shirt Shop, FLIP where she buys second-hand black boots, and Alias Tom's where she picks up jackets.

While Jack and Mark prepare for their photo shoot, Susan describes their new look as "an attitude". Jack and Mark are photographed by Brendan Burke. 

This episode of  'Head to Toe' introduced by Pat O'Mahony was broadcast on 16 February 1990.