The British and Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute offers students a chance to get degree in rock and roll.

Opened in 2011 the British and Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute in Dublin is experiencing a huge surge of interest from students hoping to apply for a BA honours degree course in Commercial Modern Music.

The BIMM Institue in Dublin aims to produce the next generation of singers, songwriters, musicians and managers. Executive Principal Dara Kilkenny currently has 150 degree students participating in the degree course which is validated by Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT).

It’s very exciting because it is the first degree of this kind to be offered in this country, before now you could never get a degree in rock and roll and now you can.

Tutorials are given by some well-known and experienced names in Irish music, such as singer-songwriter Cathy Davey and drummer from The Frames, Graham Hopkins. Famous faces also drop in to give students master classes, Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers gave a drumming master class before his band performed in Dublin.

BIMM students get to develop as artists as well as learning about the music business. Student Steven McCann says

I can’t believe it’s college.

Clara Byrne is convinced some of her classmates will make the big time.

Songwriting wise I’d say there’s definitely a good few, even in my class I’d say particularly, who are definitely going to make it.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 19 January 2012. The reporter is Lynsey Kiely.