In 1984 Ireland was in a recession and record sales were down. At a time that appeared to be bad for the Irish music industry one of the world's largest record companies, CBS opened new offices in Dublin.

John Sheehan of CBS Ireland sees Ireland as having substantial opportunity for growth despite recent poor sales. For Sheehan, 

Records are exceedingly good value.

Groups such as 'Gina, Dale Haze and the Champions' are one of the most successful Irish acts on the CBS books. Sheehan says that CBS is interested in investing in Irish acts.

Although Ireland is a small country, the retail value of the market is fifteen million pounds.

Shay Healy, Barry Lang, Ian Dempsey, and Jim O'Neill amongst others are pictured at the opening of the new offices.

According to John Sheehan, CBS is looking to invest in Irish talent.

We are constantly on the lookout for new Irish talent.

Andrew Kelly reports for RTÉ News on 24 August 1984.