Commuters in Dublin receive 'an entirely new entertainment and information service' travelling on buses.

Passengers and staff on the number 19 bus route talk about the new music and service introduced to the bus service. It is hoped that the revenue made from the commercial channel will help to help stabilise bus fares.

Most passengers are positive towards the new initiative. One passenger predicts it may cause trouble when passengers start singing along especially on the 22 bus route. Many are more concerned about their destination than with the music or adverts being broadcast on the bus. One teenage girl comments,

I'd say if it was louder, more people would get the bus.

The bus conductor is not sure how he will feel when he hears the same music day in day out.

Sponsored music and advertisements was introduced on Dublin Bus in 1976 and restricted to the upper deck.

A 'Last House' report broadcast on 6 July 1976. The reporter is Tom McGurk.