Current affairs programme 'Week In' sent Pat Kenny to find a solution to traffic chaos in Dublin and Cork in 1980.

This report identifies the problems within Dublin City and the congestion in Cork which is even worse.

The buses are slow. They move at not more than walking pace during rush hour.

Pat Kenny speaks to Conor Clune, CIÉ manager for the South Western Region, about what can be done about Cork.

In 1976 all the bodies involved in the development of Cork got together and set up a steering committee. Members included Cork Corporation, Cork County Council, the Harbour Commission, the ESB, CIÉ and the IDA. The committee produced a report in 1978, recommending bus lanes, traffic lights activated by buses and other facilities for public transport. The problem, according to Clune, is that while there is good will towards all this, there is no great effort in implementation.

This 'Week In' report was broadcast on 14 April 1980. The reporter is Pat Kenny.