A new Dublin Traffic Control Centre opens at the Civic Offices with the intention of addressing traffic problems in the city.

The hi-tech centre will control traffic lights at the two hundred most important junctions in the city and monitor traffic movements including illegal parking on a bank of fifty large television screens.

Operations Manager Paul Dunne outlines how the new system will work and the various individuals involved in carrying out the task of monitoring and controlling traffic across the city. 

This is the nerve centre of an eight million pound traffic management system.

Computerised traffic systems and closed circuit cameras have been installed along all main routes in the city centre. Traffic congestion can now be monitored and redirected away from badly congested areas. 

Travel FM, a radio station for traffic and travel, also operates from the Traffic Control Centre. 

Minister for the Environment Mr Noel Dempsey describes the new system as a coordinated effort to help traffic flow. Speaking at the launch of the new traffic control centre in Dublin Corporation's Civic Offices, Minister Dempsey confirmed that uniformed community wardens will be employed within two years to help the Gardaí tackle traffic problems around the country. These wardens will operate as a backup service for the Gardaí. 

An RTÉ News reports broadcast on 13 May 1999. The reporter is Teresa Mannion.