The Economic Research Institute publishes a report suggesting possible solutions to the challenge of the growing number of cars on our roads.

According to the researcher Dennis Reynolds, the solution to the traffic problem does not require large expenditure. He believes that the present level of expenditure or a slight increase would be enough to take care of the increase in traffic.

The sum of six to ten million a year would take care of the road problems of Ireland over the next ten years.

While he says that the current road system is not ideal, he feels that it is almost adequate.

According to Dennis Reynolds the number of cars on the road is doubling every ten years, which is a similar rate of growth to most European countries. While this may lead to capacity problems in urban areas, he does not envisage any intense problems in rural areas.

Are the Irish dangerous drivers?

Dennis Reynolds describes the Irish as individualistic and disorganised drivers by European standards. Ireland needs to see the introduction of a driving test in order to get a more standard pattern of driver behaviour.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 May 1963. The reporter is Kevin O'Kelly.