A look at life in the noisy, dirty, bustling streets of Dublin's city centre.

Amuigh Faoin Speir takes a look around the busy streets of Dublin.

It's all go. Very modern. I don't be able to keep up with it all.

A look back to the days of traffic on Grafton Street, parking on College Green and along O'Connell Street, and a Garda on point duty on O'Connell Bridge. 

At the centre of the city is O'Connell Bridge, joining the north and south sides of the city. 

In Dublin, every street eventually leads to O'Connell Bridge.

Dubliners are pictured going about their daily business amid the busy traffic as workers create dust clouds ripping up pavements with jack hammers. 

This episode of 'Amuigh Faoin Speir' was broadcast on 9 February 1968.

'Amuigh Faoin Speir' was a wildlife series presented by Gerrit Van Gelderen and Éamon de Buitléar.