Waterford streets are jammed with traffic but there are no plans to tackle the city's congestion problem.

For decades Waterford City has being arguing without success for a second bridge to assist the heavy flow of traffic over the River Suir. Motorists and lorry drivers take issue with the exiting road network as,

Getting into and out of the city on roads built for the last century is seen as a nightmare.

There is no designated main route to Dublin and the roads are heavily congested. The road west to Limerick and Galway is no better. 

Waterford Chamber of Commerce has discovered there are no plans to do anything about the roads or the bridge in the National Plan.

Joe Kenny of Waterford Chamber of Commerce is worried the lack of roads will affect the development of Waterford and the south east.

The effect on commerce both in terms of industry and tourism and the retail business is that Waterford is choking.

A new bridge and better road network to Waterford ties in with the Belview development at Waterford Harbour. This Europort generates a huge amount of cargo transport and for it to succeed to its best potential it must have a better road infrastructure. Because Waterford and Rosslare ports are national, the lack of infrastructure has national implications.

Waterford Chamber of Commerce is setting up a task force that will lobby the government for better road links to Dubliin and other major towns from Waterford, as well as seeking a second bridge over the River Suir.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 13 January 1995. The reporter is Michael Ryan.