Mixed reaction from Dublin public as new traffic routes introduced in attempt to ease congestion in the city.

With traffic volumes increasing in Dublin changes have been made to routes in the city in an effort to improve gridlock. The first day of the new routes is not without problems with a traffic bottleneck at Lincoln Place.

The change in routing saw Tara Street becoming one way from Pearse Street to Butt Bridge. This meant that traffic heading south was diverted down George's Quay and filtered back to Townsend Street. 

RTÉ News gets the reaction from motorists to the new system.

Views are mixed with one driver saying the routes will take a while to get used to. Another believes the new system is a little complicated but should eventually relieve congestion in the city. A Garda says that with a few minor tweaks, the new system should ease the congestion. While motorists are not fully convinced by the new system the driver of a horse and cart believes that the new route is an improvement and is easy to navigate.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 November 1964.