Do bus corridors add to traffic congestion?

A 'Questions and Answers' panel including Kathleen Lynch of the Labour Party, Declan Lynch of the Sunday Independent, Willie O'Dea Minister of State at the Department of Education and Mebh Ruane Irish Times Columnist discuss public transport and traffic congestion.

Would the panel agree that bus corridors add to and cause traffic congestion in Dublin?

Declan Lynch has one piece of advice for people complaining about traffic and it is to,

Get up earlier. 

Vincent Browne quizzes Willie O'Dea about Fianna Fáil's approach to solving traffic problems and specifically about them digging up the lawn at Leinster House to provide more parking spaces for TDs. However, Willie is a bit in the dark about this and claims to walk to Leinster House. 

Kathleen Lynch believes that the Minister in charge of traffic should be someone who is going to retire at the end of their term and therefore can implement measures that are not necessarily geared towards sweetening the electorate. She believes that efforts need to be made to improve public transport and reduce the number of cars on the roads. She firmly believes that people need to be forced out of their cars.

Mebh Ruane believes the problem is an overall planning problem.  An audience member is in agreement saying that workplaces need to spread outside of Dublin. 

They're all coming into Dublin to work. Move the work out to the smaller towns where the people are living.

One audience member believes that the only solution to the traffic problem is more buses. However, another argues that there's no point in having bus corridors unless you can get people onto the buses. Another suggestion is teleworking so that people don't have to commute to work.

This episode of 'Questions and Answers' was broadcast on 22 August 1999. The presenter is Vincent Browne.