Although not yet complete, the residents of the new Ballymun housing scheme are working to make their surroundings a good neighbourhood for all.

Residents are pulling together to create a community on the new Corporation housing estate at Ballymun in Dublin.

Public housing estates everywhere have a bad name until they are said to have settled down.

'Seven Days' looks at the prejudice that exists against those living in Corporation housing estates. 

The people of the new estate have already begun to organise their own self help through the Credit Union, and the Tenants Association. The Chairman of the Tenants Association outlines their main objective.

To ensure that the people here get a square deal.

The hope is to encourage people to be civic minded and conscious of their obligations to society. Groups of people have got together to find solutions to problems facing their own specific area of the housing estate. This is also a way to get the children together so they can get to know one another.

Ballymun also provides housing for the elderly. Two older ladies give their experience of living in the new estate.  

Work continues on the Ballymun estate to complete the last of the seven towers and there are plans for a swimming pool, cinema and bowling alley.

This episode of '7 Days' was broadcast on 15 November 1968. The reporter is John O'Donoghue.