Dublin Corporation will introduce car clamping in August in an attempt to solve the problem of traffic congestion in the city centre.

Large yellow metal clamps adorning the wheels of cars illegally parked in Dublin city will become a reality this coming August.  Motorists may dread the thoughts of it, but Dublin Corporation says it is necessary to help solve the problem of traffic congestion in the city.  

A private firm will be employed by them to carry out the work, which will be a non-profit exercise, and will differ significantly from the system in the United Kingdom.  As a representative from Dublin Corporation explains, 

We have learned from mistakes that they have made there, for example, we will have a very extensive camera system that will identify not only the offending vehicle, but the actual clamping operation itself.  Also we’ve a very good appeals system, and in addition to that we’ll actually be taking photographs of where the car is located when it was clamped.

Drivers who park legally, but who fail to pay the correct fee at parking meters will also have their wheels clamped, at a cost between £60-80 each time.  

There is a mixed reaction on the streets of the capital to the proposal.  As one lady says,

I suppose I wouldn’t like it.

However, not everyone is opposed.

I think it’s a marvellous idea... because then we might solve some of the traffic problems that we have in the city.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 June 1998.  The reporter is Deirdre McCarthy.