A plan to introduce parking meters and traffic wardens to Dublin could see an end to the city's parking attendants.

Michael Crosby is taking action against plans to introduce parking meters and traffic wardens in Dublin city centre. Fearful that the new traffic proposals in Dublin will mean the demise of car park attendants. Michael Crosby, a car park attendant in the Waterford Street car park beside Sean MacDermott Street Upper  has written to the Lord Mayor of Dublin Alderman Tom Stafford.

On behalf of all car park attendants Michael suggests they be allowed to take over the new warden duties, or else they will have no choice but to emigrate to find work.

He reads aloud the Lord Mayor's reply to his letter. The employment of wardens will be restricted to ex-garda on pension, on a part time basis, as they have knowledge of police procedure and traffic laws. The end of the car park attendants seems inevitable.

I feel very bad about it, very, very bad.

In Michael's opinion, it is only right they give the existing car park attendants this work and a proper wage, as to date being they have been reliant on the generosity of motorists. It does not seem fair the positions will be offered to retired guards who are over 65 years of age and have already reared their families.

Michael does not believe that knowing the law is a standard requirement to be a warden, as in England and Belfast it is carried out by the British Legion. Michael cannot see what procedures and laws would be required to deal with motorists overstaying their time on the meter. Car park attendants could just as easily summons and fine motorists.

If a man has a job to do he'll do it, it doesn’t take very much intelligence to read a meter.

He thinks most car park attendants would be willing to take a training course to do the new job, although not all of them are educated.

But if this is taken away from them, they've had it.

This episode of ‘Newsbeat’ was first broadcast on 6 October 1967. The reporter is Cathal O'Shannon.