A light aircraft built in the bedroom of a Dublin city centre flat is taken out onto the street to be assembled when it gets too big indoors.

The home built aircraft was constructed by 29-year-old architect Fia O'Caoimh.

This particular baby was conceived and born three and a half years ago in the bedroom of this Dublin city centre flat. The result of a £100 bet between two friends.

Assembling the Rutan Long-EZ aircraft has proven difficult in the restricted space of the flat and the aircraft has now been taken out onto the streets for assembly. 

The airplane is made of PVC, a first for Ireland, and has a fully certified aircraft engine. 

Fia O'Caoimh tells RTÉ News about the challenges he and his helpers faced when trying to get the aircraft out of the flat, which involved temporarily removing part of the building. 

It will be some time yet before this plane capable of flying at 26,000 feet gets the green light to take off.

Test flights are due to take place later in the month.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 August 1992. The reporter is Fionnuala Sweeney.