A visit to the Dublin Gliding Club at Baldonnel Aerordrome.

Brian Cleeve reports on what is involved in launching a glider in a visit to the Dublin Gliding Club.

The launch of the arircraft takes place with the assistance of a car using a shuttle-launch system. A signal is given for the car to build up as much speed as possible. The car hauls a 6,000 feet tow cable round a pulley at one end of the runway to get the glider off the ground.

Too much speed too soon could snap the two cable on take off .

The car can get the glider up to 3,000 feet off the ground before release. 

This episode of 'Discovery' was broadcast 11 June 1965. The reporter is Brian Cleeve.

'Discovery' was a documentary series broadcast on RTÉ between 1964 and 1967. 'Discovery', which first aired on Tuesday, 14 January, 1964 touched on many aspects of Irish life with an occasional spotlight on events of particular interest.