Proposals for the widening of Clanbrassil Street as part of an overall city traffic plan for Dublin.

Councilors heard submissions from two groups, with both groups claiming to represent over 90% of the people. The first group representing traders and residents claimed that they had suffered long enough from vandals and thieves as the west side of the street had been left derelict. This group is in favour of an 88 foot, four-lane road with a centre aisle. In addition, they want the west side of the street developed to attract tourists. Compulsory purchase orders on these buildings have now got the go ahead.

The second group, known as 'RESCUE' (Residents Eager To Save Clanbrassil Street's Urban Environment), are also in favour of the area being cleaned up but do not want a dual-carriageway. Instead, they want the road widened to just 45 feet.

Local resident, Molly Mills, spoke to RTÉ News about the proposed dual-carriageway and feels that Dublin Corporation should have informed her about the plans before she moved into the area as she does not want a dual-carriageway on her doorstep.

There were mixed feelings from some locals about losing their local pub 'The Bunch of Grapes', which serves a great pint.

It's about the only place in Dublin now that you get a decent pint.

The final decision on the kind of road development will be made by Dublin City Councillors in the coming weeks.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 May 1987. The reporter is Mary Fanning.