Different accounts of events in Belfast create bitterness between British soldiers and local residents

'Seven Days' looks at complaints by local residents of British Army looting following a weekend of riots in Belfast. The British Army seized arms at a house on Balkan Street on Friday 3 July 1970 while searching the nationalist Falls Road area of the city for weapons and members of the IRA.

Riots broke out as the conflict between the army and the locals escalated. Tear gas was released and a curfew was placed on that part of Belfast. Four people were killed by the army and more than 78 people wounded by the end of the weekend when the curfew was lifted.

'Seven Days' examines complaints alleging looting and violence by members of the British Army.

Universally and unanimously, the population now hates the military. They see them as ruthless aggressors who acted like animals. The army sees it quite differently, and consistently they point to why and how it happened.

A 'Seven Days' report broadcast on 10 July 1970. The reporter is Patrick Gallagher.