The longest day in Irish politics as the Taoiseach sacks two Ministers from his cabinet and a third resigns following allegations over the importation of arms.

On 6 May 1970 Taoiseach Jack Lynch sacked the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Neil Blaney and the Minister for Finance Charles Haughey after accusing them of being involved in importing arms from Europe. Kevin Boland the Minister for Social Welfare resigned over the dismissals.

I accept that this was the Taoiseach's right...I accepted this formula without any reservations whatever.

RTÉ News got the reactions of the Minister for Labour Joe Brennan, Kevin Boland, Neil Blaney and Des O'Malley to the day's events prior to a Dáil debate that evening.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 May 1970.

The reporters are Tom McCaughren and Don McManus.