Could you work in the same job as your married partner? While some people would consider this potentially dangerous to the relationship, for Jude and Liam Casey who both work for Córas Iompair Éireann (CIÉ), this is completely the norm.

Liam has been a conductor for eight years and Jude worked as a conductor for five years until she became a bus driver in 1985. Liam was already a bus conductor when Jude started working for the CIÉ. However they have always worked from different garages, so there has never been any competition between them.

Jude was one of the first female conductors in CIÉ. When she started her first day in Summerhill garage, she was met with a round of applause from her male colleagues. She found there was some resentment among some of the older men initially, but female conductors are now completely accepted.

For Jude there was a natural progression from being a bus conductor to becoming a bus driver. While this is considered a promotion, there is a small difference in salary, so there is no real monetary incentive to become a driver. Liam also applied to be a bus driver, but once in the driving school he was told he was

A born conductor.

Jude became a bus driver even though she had never driven a car before she drove a bus. When comparing the two she says

I find it easier to drive a bus than a car.

A ‘Liveline’ report broadcast on 8 January 1986. The presenter is Marian Finucane.