Traditional Irish music group The Chieftains are expanding their musical horizons by combining Irish and Chinese traditions.

Bibi Baskin went along to the band's rehearsal at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin where they will be playing a series of concerts with some of the music that they picked up in China.  They will be accompanied by the Guo Brothers from China who will be playing the bamboo flute and the sheng. A contemporary dance group from Los Angeles who will also be performing a special dance called Ellis Island with music arranged by Paddy Maloney of the Chieftains and choreographed by Patricia Coleman.  

Paddy Moloney talks about the Irish-Chinese fusion in the music and his love for the Chinese people and their food. The Chieftains also recorded an album and released a film 'The Chieftains in China' some years previously. Bibi Baskin also talks to one member of the Guo Brothers about playing the sheng.

A 'Morning Ireland' report by Bibi Baskin broadcast on 30 June 1986.