Music festival celebrating and cultivating independent, emerging bands is launched in Temple Bar Dublin.

The Hard Working Class Heroes festival was first launched in 2004 designed to get struggling Irish artists into the music industry and under the spotlight and as an antidote to manufactured pop music. While the music industry may be associated with glamour and fame, only hard working class heroes will be welcomed to play at this festival.

The Hard Working Class Heroes Festival is determined to give a platform to original Irish talent.

Angela Dorgan of the Federation of Music Collectives speaking at the launch says the event is all about original music and people writing their own material. While the festival takes place in September, it was launched in June to get the word out to bands around the country who want to take part.

Brian Carroll, the 2004 festival organiser says the launch is

A call for 100 bands to come and apply for a showcase at Hard Working Class Heroes

The festival includes workshops from people in the music industry and the chance to play five venues over three nights in Dublin's Temple Bar.

An RTÉ News report by Anna Murphy broadcast 15 June 2004. 

The 2004 festival takes place from 3 to 5 September.