Pooka a band with more than a ghost of a chance?

Norris Davidson reports on life for budding rock band Pooka.

Davidson follows Pooka as they rehearse in a garage, attend their day jobs and studies, and watches how they combine their love of music with their need to perform.

Pooka band members are drummer Richie McCabe who works servicing television sets in Dublin and studies at the Technical School in Whitehall, guitarist; Dave Corrigan who works in Fishers Supermarket in Dunlavin and plays the organ in the local church; lead guitarist Colm Ó Meachair who teaches English and History in Dunlavin Technical School and guitarist TJM aka Thomas Joseph Mary from Hollywood. Seventeen-year- old TJM works with a building contractor in Hollywood and holds ambitions to go to Art College and write poetry.

This episode of 'Anthology' was broadcast on 7 April 1971. 'Anthology' was scripted and directed by Norris Davidson.

Norris Davidson followed the band round from dance hall to dance hall to see what their life is really like; the endless driving in the small hours, too fired to sleep, too tensed-up to eat, going, going, going where? Stardom, the Top of the Pops? Or just another one night stand?

RTÉ Guide, 2 April 1971