Rock mementos from artists including U2, Elvis Presley, Madonna, Kurt Cobain and Janis Joplin on show at the Clarence Hotel Dublin in advance of a charity auction in New York.

Over 50 years of musical history will be auctioned in New York to raise funds for musicians in New Orleans whose instruments were destroyed following Hurricane Katrina.  Music fans have the opportunity to see memorabilia such as a contract signed by Elvis Presley, a personal letter from Janis Joplin, a receipt signed by Kurt Cobain, and a pair of Bono’s sunglasses, to name but a few.  

Martin Nolan from Julien's Auctions explained who will be bidding at the auction, and why, 

This type of memorabilia has now become part of an investor’s portfolio.  People buy stocks and bonds and property et cetera, not as exciting as owning an amazing guitar from The Edge, or from’s something you can have in your office, or in your house.  It’s a conversation piece, and it’ll appreciate in value.

Prices will range from a couple of hundred euro up to 90 thousand euro for a guitar designed by Bono.  But no matter what one’s budget is, members of the public will be able to view this unique collection for free, for the next three days.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 April 2007.  The reporter is Sinéad Crowley.