Bands from across Europe head to Cork for an EBU rock festival where Power of Dreams will represent Ireland.

From 18 – 20 October 1990 Euro Rock ’90, the 8th International European Broadcasting Union Rock Festival is taking place in Cork. Bands from all over Europe are performing in two venues, Sir Henry's Cork and De Lacy House

RTÉ disc jockey Dave Fanning will be hosting a nightly show on 2FM featuring live music from the Euro Rock ’90. 

There’s plenty of good rock music out there in Europe and were seeing it in Cork this weekend.

2FM producer of Ian Wilson is running the event. He chose Cork rather than Dublin as the venue for Euro Rock ’90 because,

It’s so much friendlier and smaller and more compact.

Dublin band Power of Dreams are one of the acts playing on the final day of Euro Rock ’90. They perform 'The Joke’s On Me’ from their debut album ‘Immigrants, Emigrants and Me’ in the 'Jo-Maxi' studio.

Vocalist and guitarist with Power of Dreams Craig Walker believes there is a lot of unwarranted snobbery in Ireland, Britain and America towards European music. Guitarist Ian Olney is pleased the band was nominated by 2FM to play at Euro Rock ’90.

There’s a lot of good bands in Ireland and it’s just nice to be asked out of all of that crowd.

Among the bands featured in Euro Rock ’90 are Denmark s Hunger Hotel, 22 Pisterpirkko from Finland, John Wesley Harding and the Good Liars from England, Les Satellites from France, The Wannadies from Sweden and Soviet singer Vladimir Presnyakov.

This episode of ‘Jo-Maxi’ was broadcast on 19 October 1990.