Why be a Teddy Boy in the 1980s?

Mark Cagney chats to a group of young people about their lifestyle as Teddy Boys and Teddy Girls. They talk music, clothes, hair, rockabilly and rock 'n' roll.

One Teddy boy comments

We're Teds cos we're into the music. We like Rock 'n' Roll music, we like the dress, that's why we wear it. We don't look for trouble, we don't want trouble.

Another says

I like the clothes. They look class.

So what is the difference between Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll?

Rockabilly is basically rock 'n' roll music and hillbilly music mixed in together. Whereas Rock 'n' Roll is rhythm and blues and country and western.

Elvis Presley, Bill Hayley, Carl Perkins, and Eddie Cochran, are just a few of their Rock 'n' Roll favourites.

This episode of Ireland's Eye was broadcast on 26 November 1980. The presenter is Mark Cagney.