Ray D'Arcy takes a look at the Dublin skateboarding scene and meets Clive Rowen owner of Clive's Skate Shop.

Clive's Skate Shop in Hill Street will provide anything you want to go skateboarding.

Some of the top guys are earning in excess of $150,000 a year.

Clive Rowen describes the back ground to the development of skateboarding. He feels Ireland has been slow to provide facilities for for skating. The growth in the popularity of skateboarding worldwide has seen a few professionals earning big money from the sport.

Clive Rowen has a half pipe skate ramp in his back garden.

This episode of 'Jo Maxi' was broadcast on 11 October, 1988. The presenter is Ray D'Arcy.

Ray D'Arcy
Broadcaster Ray D'Arcy, with Zag, Zuppy, Dustin and Zig on the set at The Den.