Skateboarding instruction and advice from professional Wayne Gallagher at the Ramp 'N' Rail.

Skateboarding has become increasingly popular, but it is not easy to find a place to skate. Banned from parks and streets, skateparks such as Ramp ‘N’ Rail in Dublin’s Drumcondra provides a welcome space for skateboarders.

Professional skateboarder Wayne Gallagher explains the technical language of the sport, from boards, and trucks to wheels and bolts. He also demonstrates some of the stock moves of skateboarding making slides, alleys and grinds look effortless.

During the school holidays up to 100 skaters a day congregate at Ramp ‘N’ Rail. Little Rippers are one young group of skateboarders who spend all their free time practising and working on new tricks. Steve Curran meets four of the Little Rippers who talk about their love of skateboarding and their idols.

This episode of 'Sports Stream' was broadcast on 25 January 2002. The reporter is Steve Curran.

'Sports Stream' was a sports magazine programme for young people. First broadcast on 29 October 1999, it ran until 13 December 2002.