Men from Navan in County Meath offer reasons for the run of bad weather beleaguering the town.

As the worst rains to hit Ireland since Hurricane Charley in 1986 leave a trail of destruction across the county,  Patrick McDonnell travels to Navan in County Meath to find out what people there think is behind the bad weather.

One man believes the flooding recently experienced in Navan is down to someone with a vendetta against the town, another thinks 

It's God being angry with us.

This man predicts the end of the world will come about in 2030. Another sees the bad weather is a result of an excess of space hardware orbiting the earth. An elderly man declares the inclement combination of wind is particularly unkind to humans,

If you were a duck it would be alright, or a goose.

This clip includes a comedy sketch featuring the Navan branch of the RTÉ weather centre in which a local meteorological expert predicts the arrival of Hurricane Melancholy.

Four manically depressed clouds which will sweep down across the country trying to put us all in the same auld bad form as themselves.

'Don't Feed the Gondolas' was a celebrity comedy quiz show hosted by Seán Moncrieff for the first three series and Brendan O'Connor for the fourth and final series. Contestants examined some of the more bizarre manifestations of the Irish and international media. The programme featured a number of Irish comedians, including Dara Ó Briain, Des Bishop, Eddie Bannon, Kevin McAleer and Patrick McDonnell. The first episode was broadcast on 1 December 1997. 'Don't Feed the Gondolas' ended on 26 March 2001.

The episode of 'Don't Feed the Gondolas' was broadcast on 13 November 2000. The reporter is Patrick McDonnell.