Kevin McAleer recalls how his granny would lead the family in doing the Hokey Cokey and the Hucklebuckey.

Kevin McAleer the deadpan comedian from Omagh, County Tyrone delivers a tale about how his family would  dance together.

We could dance now right enough, the whole family, the whole, 17 of us I think it was aye, on a good night, aye.

They would all dance around their grandmother's handbag and best of all is when they performed the popular participation dance 'The Hokey Cokey'. This novelty dance passed the time and made the night shorter.

I never forgot it, no, you'd look at your feet to remind yourself, aye.

Kevin McAleer was first seen on RTÉ Television programme ‘Nighthawks’ which began broadcasting in the late 1980s. 

This episode of 'It's Bibi' was first broadcast on 23 February 1993. Presented by Bibi Baskin, it ran for two series from 1992-1994.