Floods hit a wide area of Mayo and Galway following torrential rain.

Twelve hours of torrential rain caused floodwaters to spill over farmland in west Mayo. In Aughagower, near Westport, two families are marooned due to a flooded roadway.

Daniel McGing says the houses are,

Completely isolated, there’s no way you could get into them, except across through fields around in a roundabout way.

Ten employees of the Louisburgh Case factory had to evacuate when a torrent of water poured into the building when the river Bunowen burst its banks. One employee Mary Gallagher says it all happened very quickly,

One minute you’re drinking a cup of tea, the next minute you’re trying to stop water from coming in the doors.

Louisburgh farmer Seán O'Malley is concerned about whether eight of his cow trapped by a flash flood will survive the night. If they leave the patch of grass on which they are marooned, they could drown, and Seán O’Malley would be hard hit financially as a result.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 8 September 1999. The reporter is Jim Fahy.