Investigating the scale of the disaster for farmers in south Roscommon.

The area had flooded in the past, but never so early in the year or to such an extent. Thousands of acres of hay and corn were lost and would rot before the floods subsided. It was estimated that up to a thousand local farmers had eighty per cent of their farms underwater.

The scale of the disaster for farmers in South Roscommon is without precedent.

Reporter Jim Fahy speaks to Fine Gael TD Liam Naughton about the damage. Liam Naughton estimates that at least 300 farmers in the area face disaster. The autumn grazing is all lost. Farmers such as Johnny Flynn are herding their cattle from rowing boats. Visiting Minister of State Paul Connaughton says it was an eye opener for him. Farmers' biggest worry is that they are being forced to sell cattle at artificially deflated prices.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 21 August 1985. The reporter is Jim Fahy.