A strike at the St James's Gate Brewery in Dublin means pubs around Ireland are running out of Guinness.

Striking craftsmen at the St James's Gate Brewery in Dublin have brought about a countrywide shortage of Guinness stout.

Guinness stocks in pubs are running low, with some Dubliners opting to drink Smithwick's or whiskey, although one man suggests taking more drastic decision,

We’ll just have to give it up I’m afraid.

In the west of Ireland the last deliveries of Guinness took place a week ago and almost half of the pubs and hotels in Galway city are out of draught Guinness. Guinness drinkers are switching to beer or shorts although the more intrepid are participating in nightly pub crawls in search of a pint of draught.

In Connemara pubs in villages such as Spiddal have completely run out of draught Guinness but customers making do with bottled Guinness.

Publicans fear a loss of earnings and there are suggestions that a Guinness shortage will bring about a boom in poteen making.

Guinness say there is no shortage in Cork. However the local Murphy’s and Beamish stouts are doing well. Murphy’s in particular are finding it hard to cope with the increase in demand.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 April 1980. The reporter in Galway is Jim Fahy. The reporter in Cork is Brendan O’Brien.