Michael Mulrooney demonstrates his unusual talent of being able to balance pints of beer.

Frank Hall travels to counties Carlow and Kilkenny and meets some of the locals, including Michael Mulrooney, better known as Mul, from Goresbridge, who is keen to perform his pint balancing talent.

Mul performs a most astonishing amazing feat, I doubt anybody else in the world can do it.

Mul was 12 years old when he started doing his party-piece and his father before him did it too. He loves doing it but has lately been put off by the price of beer.

John McGrath on the accordion supplies suitable music to accompany Mul as he dances with a pint of beer on his head and does not spill a drop. But there is more to come.

Mul you see is fond of a pint, and like the rest of us, he likes mixing his drinks, and he is now going to mix his drinks in a highly original but highly dangerous fashion.

To the strains of ‘Amazing Grace’, while balancing a pint and a whiskey chaser on his head, Mul picks a box of matches off the ground with his mouth, again without any spillages. Hall congratulates Mul saying

You're the best balanced man in the country.

This episode of ‘Hall and Company’ was broadcast on 19 October 1986. The producer is Gerry Murphy.