Charles Haughey watches four men armed with two sledge hammers smash a piano and put the remains through a car tyre.

Accompanied by his wife Maureen, Fianna Fáil TD Charles Haughey travelled by helicopter to Garristown in north Dublin to formally open a week long festival. The couple were greeted by festival queen Linda O'Connor who presented Mrs Haughey with a bouquet of flowers.

The festival committee in co-operation with local organisations have curated an ambitious programme of events catering for all members of the community as well as visitors to the area.

The most destructive event of the festival programme is the piano smashing competition.

The object of the exercise is to demolish the piano and pass it through a tyre in the fastest time possible.

There is no shortage of competitors willing to participate, and the event is open to four man teams equipped with two sledgehammers.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 August 1976. The reporter is Dermot Mullane.