Plenty for everyone at the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

Bibi Baskin introduces this report from the 14th annual Kilkenny Arts Festival. John O'Donoghue meets Arts Director of the Festival Committee Ian Coulter, who describes Kilkenny Arts Week as Ireland's leading music festival with some of the best musicians in the world coming to play at St Canice's Cathedral. The Kilkenny Arts Week also has theatre, literary events, art exhibitions, and much more.

It's a small town... but it's a big city as far as music is concerned.

Ian Coulter also outlines the cost of the festival at about £65,000, money made up from ticket sales, grants from the Arts Council, and sponsorship from local businesses.

Shay Healy reports from the opening parade of the festival where prizes are given for the best television character in fancy dress costumes. Bibi, John and Shay were tasked with selecting the winner and it was Glenroe favourites Biddy, Miley and Dinny that came out on top and took away the RTÉ 'Out and About' plaque.

This episode of 'Out and About' was broadcast on 28 August 1987. This report by John O'Donoghue is introduced by Bibi Baskin.