A taste of the magic of Eugene Lambert, his puppeteers and puppets which form part of the Festival of Oriental Art.

In 1976 Ireland enjoys a unique chance of viewing a wide range of oriental art. The event coincides with the recent re-opening of the Chester Beatty Library. 

Throughout the festival the Lambert Puppet Theatre is performing a daily show at the National Gallery of Ireland.  In this scene from the performance 

The suitors come a seeking the hand of the shining princess

The first ever Dublin Oriental Festival was opened by President Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh at the Chester Beatty Library on 26 March 1976 and continued until the 3 April. While the focus of attention is on the Chester Beatty, other events take place at the National Gallery of Ireland, the National Museum and the Municipal Gallery.

The programme 'Dublin Oriental Festival' was broadcast on 30 March 1976.