The Chester Beatty Library situated on Shrewsbury Road Dublin houses a collection of Oriental manuscripts.

The Chester Beatty Library has recently undergone quite substantial renovations. An extra floor has been added to the building to allow more of the collections to be put on display.

The finest private collection of oriental manuscripts anywhere in the world.

Mining millionaire Sir Alfred Chester Beatty had left his collection to the Irish people upon his death in 1969. The collection valued at over £20 million is so vast that only 10% can be put on display at any one time.

Chester Beatty had employed dealers to search out hidden manuscripts all over the world.

Librarian at the Chester Beatty Library Dr. Richard Hayes explains what is so special about this collection.

The Chester Beatty Library is now housed in the grounds of Dublin Castle.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 July 1975. The reporter is Conor McAnally.