Specialist in traditional songs from County Cork Jimmy Crowley performs 'Boozing' in a pub.

In the tradition of folk music Jimmy Crowley performs 'Boozing' in a crowded Cork pub.

A central figure to the Irish folk scene, Jimmy plays accordion and sings 'Boozing' to a converted audience who join in for the line "Boozing, bloody well boozing".

In this episode of 'Ireland's Eye' reporter Pat Butler visits the pubs of Cork and encounters the customs and traditions that are common place to many traditional Irish pubs.

Jimmy Crowley has achieved critial aclaim on the Irish traditional and folk scene with his bands 'Stokers Lodge' and 'The Electric Band', as well as releasing a number of solo albums. Jimmy has collaborated with some influential musicians in the Irish traditional and folk scene such as Declan Sinnot, Keith McDonald and Christy Moore. Jimmy has also had success in the theatre world, notably with his opera 'Red Patriots', and has worked tirelessly in the promotion of the Irish language.