The Guinness ship Lady Miranda collides with a Dublin bridge.

The accident happened shortly before 5pm, as the East-Link bridge was raised to let the ‘Lady Miranda’ through on her way to Liverpool.

The ship appeared to veer to one side, hitting a guiding platform. Part of the ship’s mast also hit the bridge causing some damage. Guinness say the ship appeared to lose power as it went under the bridge. Some superficial damage was caused to the vessel.

Berthing master Willie Farrell watched events unfold from his control cabin. As usual he opened the bridge in anticipation of the ship’s arrival and was waiting for the ship to come down. He saw the ship heading for the bridge and suddenly veer south and get stuck under the bridge.

It had a hell of an impact.

Traffic had to be diverted and a number of local youths helped in the operation. The bridge was declared safe by a team of engineers brought to the scene and it was reopened two and a half hours later. The East Link Company said no major structural damage was caused although the guiding platform will need extensive repairs.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 October 1985. The reporter is Michelle McCaughren.