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Century Ireland 171, Butter Exporters, PRONI

Fears of Irish butter shortage
Dublin, 30 January 1920
Fears are growing about a possible shortage of butter in Ireland.

Tomás Mac Curtain and his family Photo: Cork Examiner, 31 January 1920
Cork Examiner, 31 January 1920

Tomás Mac Curtain among newly elected Irish mayors
Cork, 31 January 1920 
Yesterday brought a dramatic sequel to last month's local elections, as Sinn Féin candidates, after a strong showing at the polls, were voted into mayoral offices across the country.

Michael's Lane, Dublin Photo: National Library of Ireland
National Library of Ireland

Government to blame for high rents and lack of housing
Dublin, 4 February 1920 
The cost of rent has skyrocketed since the end of the war in 1918, and the scarcity of houses has reached crisis levels bordering on a 'famine’, according to the Irish Times.

Dr Kathleen Lynn (centre) with Madeleine ffrench-Mullen (left) and Constance Markievicz taken in 1919 Photo: National Library of Ireland, NPA POLF202
Dr Kathleen Lynn (centre), Madeleine ffrench-Mullen (left) and Constance Markievicz, 1919 - National Library of Ireland

Kathleen Lynn urges precautions to combat influenza
Rathmines, 6 February 1920
Dr Kathleen Lynn has urged that steps be taken immediately to prevent an outbreak of influenza.

Cartoon on America's decision to discontinue aid to European governments Photo: Sunday Independent, 8 February 1920
Sunday Independent, 8 February 1920

Sterling plunges as America turns off the money tap
7 February 1920
The value of sterling has plunged with the news that the United States will no longer provide aid to European governments. The loans owed by European countries to the United States stand at just over £2 billion.

Report claims Bosheviks have army of 10 million men
Rostov-Novocherkassk, 7 February 1920 
Leon Trotsky is reported to have assembled a Bolshevik army of 10 million men.

Cartoon on the nature of the British government's behaviour towards Ireland Photo: Sunday Independent, 1 February 1920
Sunday Independent, 1 February 1920

Mass deportations as two civilians killed by military in Limerick
Cork, 9 February 1920
Approximately 60 Sinn Féin prisoners, who were arrested about a week ago but against whom no charge has been levelled, have been deported to Britain.

King and Queen leaving Buckingham Palace for Westminster to open parliament Photo: Illustrated London News, 14 February 1920
Illustrated London News, 14 February 1920

The King’s speech – ‘condition of Ireland causes me grave concern’
Westminster, 11 February 1920
The new session of parliament was formally opened yesterday by King George V at the Palace of Westminster.

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