Tensions run high between neighbours at Howth Junction over the blocking of a private access road.

For the past seventeen years residents in Howth Junction cottages have been trying to get Dublin Corporation to close the through road that runs outside their front doors. Once a quiet privately owned cul-de-sac, the houses are separated from their gardens by a single road that provides access to twenty one houses. 

Dublin Corporation initially opened the road to connect Kilbrarrack with Briarfield Road, but promised it would be a temporary measure. An alternative access road was to be built at the end of the gardens near the railway line.

Howth Junction resident Mary Fagan, fed up of waiting for Dublin Corporation to carry out the work, hired a JCB and built a wall connecting her house and garden. However when the cement lorry arrived, disgruntled neighbours blocked the road. They say their access cannot be obstructed.

Resident Nancy O’Connor agrees that something needs to be done but is unhappy Mary Fagan is taking matters into her own hands. 

We want it done the right way, not the way she is doing it.

Neighbour Paul Redmond has sympathy with Mary Fagan’s actions as she only want to see the road promised at the top of their gardens. He says the Corporation is reluctant to get involved with the matter and seems to be leaving the residents to argue among themselves.

Resident Ann O’Connell thinks the only way the issue will be resolved is if Dublin Corporation goes ahead with the work that was originally promised.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 May 1984. The reporter is reporter Jacqueline Hayden.