The Royal National Lifeboat Institution launches a news vessel the 'City of Dublin' at Howth.

The new Arun-class class lifeboat arrived in Howth, Co. Dublin, last August.  People gathered at Howth Harbour for a ceremony where, it was blessed and officially named ‘City of Dublin’ by Mrs Miriam Ahern, the Lady Mayoress.  

The ‘City of Dublin’ is one of four Arun-class lifeboats in the Irish Division of the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), and cost almost £480,000 to build.  This was part funded by a special appeal launched by the Lord Mayor of Dublin, which set out to raise half the cost of the new boat.  At the time of this report, another £70,000 was still required.  

At 52 feet in length, the vessel can operate at its maximum speed of 18 knots for 12 hours, or at a reduced speed, it can search for 30 hours.  The specially-designed hull is divided into 26 watertight compartments, most filled with expanded polyurethane foam, giving reserve buoyancy if the boat is holed.  In the event that the lifeboat is capsized, it is possible, after self-righting, of a safe return to harbour, or even a continuation on service. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 May 1987.  The reporter is Andrew Kelly.