George O'Dowd talks about becoming Boy George ahead of his first live show In Ireland

In a first live television interview in this country Boy George tells Pat Kenny about his early life and his transformation from George O'Dowd to Boy George.

George describes growing up feeling uncomfortable with his appearance.

I like transforming myself. I never really liked the way I looked "normal".

From a young age, George used makeup and what he calls silly clothes but they're not costumes. Growing up with a macho father with a passion for boxing, George never felt comfortable with the violent nature of the sport. While George's father Jerry O'Dowd encouraged him to get into the ring, George felt he was better at skipping than boxing.

I was always too terrified of that type of violence. But I used to skip around a bit.

Despite the fact that both George's parents are Irish and he made many visits to Ireland growing up, he had never performed in Ireland.

This episode of 'Kenny Live' was broadcast on 6 November 1993. The presenter is Pat Kenny.