For the first time in their ten year history, rock group Roxy Music play Ireland and frontman Bryan Ferry is delighted with how the Irish concerts are going.

Interviewed in the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin, Roxy Music vocalist Bryan Ferry is overwhelmed by the reception the band have received in Ireland.

We couldn’t have wished for a better audience, any of the nights we’ve played.

Bryan Ferry first came to Ireland in 1981 to do some fishing, and he has returned many times since. While in Ireland, he started to work on material for Roxy Music’s eight studio album ‘Avalon’, so he felt it was only right to shoot the album cover there, as that is where the album was conceived.

While Bryan Ferry comes from a working-class family in County Durham, his background in fine art has provided Roxy Music with a strong visual flair and the band are renowned for their unique sense of style.

You’ve got to kind to make it, you know, interesting for yourself as well as for the audience.

When Bryan was young he was interested in art history but also wanted to be a poet or a painter. He followed his interest in art and went to Newcastle University to study painting. A fan of music since he was 11 years old, Bryan’s interest in music eventually overtook his love of painting. In 1968 he moved to London where he began playing piano and writing music. He did a few odd jobs, but ever since he had enough songs to make an album, music has been his career.

Bryan never plans more than six months ahead but as he has been totally consumed by Roxy Music for the last three or four years, he thinks it is time for a change, and his next record will be a solo album.,

Roxy Music’s tour to promote ‘Avalon’ opened in the Savoy Theatre in Limerick on 12 August 1982. Originally expected to play two shows in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS), the demand for tickets was so great the band eventually played three nights in Dublin.

This episode of Ireland’s Eye was broadcast on 18 August 1982. The reporter is Carolyn Fisher.