Drummer Rat Scabies and singer Dave Vanian from psychedelic punk group The Damned appear on the Saturday morning programme 'Borderline'.

It is an early start for the duo, as the band had played a gig in The Top Hat in Dun Laoghaire the night before. The gig was,

Good fun, lots of racket, lots of people jumping up and down, a few little oiks gobbing.

The Damned are now marking their tenth anniversary and not many contemporary bands have lasted the pace. Dave Vanian thinks this is because,

We  just have kept at it, we didn’t give up.

The Damned are now with their thirteenth manager Andy Cheeseman who Rat feels has

All the right ingredients for a manager, he’s greedy, shiftless and untrustworthy.

Presenter Aonghus McAnally asks how they feel about their biggest hit 'Eloise' being a cover version of the Barry Ryan track to which Rat replies,

Sick as a pig.

Dave downplays the importance of image to the band but Rat confirms Dave is in the group because of how he looks but more importantly because he has the right attitude.

You can always learn to do something, but you have to have the right attitude in the first place to be able to do it.

As part of their 'Anything' tour The Damned will also be playing in Tralee, Limerick and Belfast with support from Dublin group the Golden Horde.

This episode of ‘Borderline’ was broadcast on 15 November 1986.

‘Borderline’ was a Saturday morning teenage programme that covered music, fashion and film. It was first broadcast on 11 October 1986 and was presented by Aonghus McAnally, Ronan Johnston and Majella Nolan.