Boy George has found international success with his band Culture Club but believes he's not like other pop stars.

Born in London and raised by Irish parents, Boy George has been to Ireland many times. However, he has never performed in Ireland and now hopes to bring his band Culture Club to Ireland. 

Having just completed a successful world tour with his band Culture Club, George thinks that people around the world are fundamentally the same. 

He believes that the growing popularity of the music video has helped to make the world a smaller place for musicians and bands. The same bands are topping the charts in the UK, Japan and Australia. 

You don't have to be in Hong Kong to promote your record. You can send a video.

George takes a very professional approach to touring. When he's on tour, he's there to work, so he keeps very much to himself and rarely goes out partying.  

He is very aware that as a pop star it's easy to fall down the hole of believing you are more important than you actually are because you are surrounded by people telling you how great you are.

I'm not like other pop stars. I have a different attitude to other pop stars.

This episode of 'Anything Goes' was broadcast on 27 October 1984. The reporter is Dave Heffernan.