Illegally parked vehicles will now be clamped as part of a programme to get Dublin traffic moving.

Dublin Corporation is to introduce clamping as means to deter illegal parking in the city.

The clamp is the latest measure to deter parking offenders.

Vehicles parked illegally will have their wheels secured with a yellow clamp. It will cost the driver £65 to have the clamp removed. The clampers will place a computerised printout on the vehicle which provides details of how to pay the fine either by credit card over the phone or by paying in person at the New Parking Lott at Bachelors Walk.

Paul Maloney of Dublin Corporation explains how the process works and that the declamping period is about one hour.

All parking offences will result in the vehicle being clamped. However, this will not happen immediately. The ticket placed on the car will indicate that the clampers are coming giving you time to remove your vehicle.

Director of Traffic, Owen Keegan believes that up to two hundred cars could be clamped every day to begin with. He says that the contract is flexible whereby the level of activity can be geared up. If a motorist feels that they have been badly treated they could make a claim to the clamping company. However, the clamping
company will have a digital photo of all vehicles to be used in the case of dispute. The £65 will have to be paid up in all cases. The next week will be a grace period.

Park illegally at your own risk.

An RTÉ News reports broadcast on 29 July 1998. The reporter is Carole Coleman.