Five thousand young people compete in the National Community Games finals at Mosney in County Meath.

The National Community Games finals are held at Mosney over the first two weekends in September. 
The Games have gone from strength to strength since they were established in 1967, and while they are competitive, organisers of the are keen to emphasise the Olympic ideal.

The spirit of taking part is more important than winning.

The Community Games are a place where young people from all over Ireland, between the ages of seven and 17 can come together, and enjoy each others company. Sport is their common interest and all of those competing at the finals have got there through provincial and county heats. They can participate in a variety of games; hurling, basketball, camogie, judo, swimming, and of course the track and field events.

The games are sponsored by Tayto and Mosney has proven to be the perfect venue. Despite a change of ownership at Butlins, the Games are expected to be held at that site again.

The Games national secretary Joe Connolly has visions of the games going international.

He wants to see children of Irish parents from other countries also being invited to take part.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 September 1982. The reporter is Alan McCullough.