Sonia O'Sullivan talks to RTÉ about her last minute preparations for the Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Just days ahead of her 5,000 metre challenge, the world champion is far away from the heat and media spotlight of Atlanta. Sonia O'Sullivan is training at Haverford College in Pennsylvania removed from the pressure of the Olympic village. This is one of Sonia's favourite training spots and a home from home. Having failed to win a medal at the Barcelona Olympics four years earlier, O'Sullivan feels she is much better prepared this time around and is grateful for all the support and best wishes she is receiving.

It just means so much I suppose the result of the Olympic Games. So I suppose there is that much more expectation where as a Grand Prix race you can run one again next week if you want.

Athlete Marcus O'Sullivan and physio Gerard Hartmann both believe Sonia has prepared well will do Ireland proud and has a real chance of winning a gold medal.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 22 July 1996. The reporter was Tony O'Donoghue.